Spring fees

Just a reminder that our Spring Fees are

  • $85 for 6 game season
  • $75 for 4 game season

This information has been on our About Us Page.

Remember U13 and above coaches need to go the Illowa game schedule meeting

Soccer.com rewards

See that link to the right where you order all of your uniform and apparel gear?

Every time you order something, the club is rewarded by soccer.com.    So far we have received over $500 from them!   This money helps us keep our costs down to you.

Thank you!

Illowa registration

Illowa registration ends on Feb 22nd (Illowa website will be corrected to reflect this).   Register here

Note that Spring is 4 to 6 game season.

U13 and above, you still need to register the above by Feb 22nd (including weekends you can play).    You will have a mandatory meeting on March 15th (again, the Illowa website will be corrected to reflect this) at 9AM in Bettendorf Public library to select opponents.

Jan / Feb happenings and actions

  • Feb 3rd @ 6PM in the Eldridge Public Library : Board meeting
  • Feb 3rd @ 7PM in the Eldridge Public Library : Mandatory First Aid course offered by an EMT with Medic. There will need to be at least one coach, assistant coach, manager, or designee at the First Aid course.
  • Feb 15th from 3p-5:30pm there will be a coaches seminar at the High School. Michael Harrington will be in touch with coaches closer to time.
  • IPSL registration is currently open. This will close January 20th. Please look into getting your team registered (U12 and above) if you participate in IPSL
  • Angie needs everyone’s spring rosters by Feb 28th.
  • Illowa’s spring registration will be in March. We will keep coaches updated on dates.
  • Please review the NSSC website for meeting minutes.

Club soccer helps out the community

A few weeks ago, a family in the North Scott area lost their home and possessions to fire. The North Scott Soccer Club is thankful to be part of this community and have helped in a small part. To date we have provided :

(Team and what they donated)

  • U11 Boys Wild Dogs : Cleaning supplies for kitchen and bathroom
  • U10 Girls Thunder : Toilet paper, napkins, paper towels
  • U9 boys Strikers : Laundry room items including laundry detergent, starch, etc. and laundry baskets
  • U9 silver striker girls : Kitchen items such as towels, washrags, cooking utensils
  • U13 Girls Lancers : Flour, sugar, brown sugar, spices, shortening, baking soda
  • U12 Boys : Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, lotion
  • U10 Boys : Teen girl shirts
  • U11 Girls : Teen girl pants
  • U13 Boys : Boy pants
  • U14 Boys Vengeance : Boys shirts
  • U9 Cavalry : Clothes for Dad
  • U11 Boys Wild Dogs (Grey) : Clothes for Mom
  • U9 Lancer Girls : Vacuum cleaner
  • High School Girls – 4 Tie Blankets
  • U15/16 boys – Kohls gift card
  • U14 girls – shoes and other items

We hope that this helps lessen the burden in some small way, and wish this family a speedy recovery for their loss.