Alumni Game Wrap Up

Thanks for making this game a pretty good day. Not too shabby for first time out. We’ll look to improve this every year to make it better, so bring your ideas ahead of time.

Before I forget, if you have any kind of interest in helping the next generation of North Scott soccer, let me know, and I can hook you up. Anything from little guys to High School.

Put on your calendar to go to on May 1st. I’ll look to get next year’s info out there about then.

Some ideas have already been submitted, let’s see what we can do, and what more we want. Remember, this needs to come from you. The more help you give, the more likely we can keep making this awesome

  • Run the game under the lights some night
  • Suggested night is Eldridge Days (Friday night)
  • Pick up shirts ahead of time so you can take it somewhere and get your name put on the back (so fans and other players know who you are)
  • Snacks, barbecue, something after the game

Thanks to the guys who donated some $$$ to help defray the cost of the shirts.

Again, thanks for making today happen!   Remember, this game is for YOU!

See you next year!

2016 Alumni Game

2016 Alumni Game

2016 Alumni Game Details

Great response! We have 36 guys looking to lace it up again

This is our first Alumni game, so I’m pretty open to ideas. Let me know your thoughts.

(oh, a few of you guys have been hopping the fence and trying to get some touches on The Pitch. Don’t. This is trespassing and the school is looking to have citations issued. Find other green space to practice!)

Where and When

Lancer Pitch, 1pm, July 16th.
You’ll be treated to the end of the woman’s game. Theirs starts at 11. So we’ll take the field around 1pm.

Before you take the field, each of you has to sign a waiver since school grounds (liability, etc.) So please bring the document provided here Alumni_Waiver


45 minute halves. If not enough playing time, we’ll extend the halves a bit more so everyone gets their fill.
This will be self refereed. Whole point is to have fun. Let’s not get into arguments, or be stupid with fouling.

I hope to have some HS kids their as ball boys. They’ll keep the game going, and who knows, might be doing a bit of refereeing from the side if needed.

Trainer and medical

Probably won’t be available. Better bring some ice for those bumps and bruises.


You’re adults, so I’m not going to enforce shin guards and such. Up to you, I’d recommend. But if get your shin cracked, too bad (see waiver above ).
Shirts will be provided. Everyone will be issued (yours to keep) two shirts (one red, one white). One of those will be your team colors.

If you’re a keeper, bring gear.   If you don’t have any, I’ll see what I have.


Draw out of a hat? School yard pick? Up to you. I took a stab at two teams, the ideas of trying to keep classes together and yet spread the ages a bit. See what you think. See list at end of this post. We can sure alter this.   If the game is too one sided, we will alter this.   We’re here to have fun….

After game gathering

Up to you guys. I’m hoping that you guys choose to set something up for afterwards. Maybe a barbeque, some time at Lancers, a chance to brag and reminisce, reconnect. But I leave that to you to organize.

That’s it. Any ideas or questions, let me know. Looking forward to it, have fun!

Proposed Line Up
White Team Year Red Team Year
Tanner Greve 2015 Alex Cole 2013
Alex Birely 2015 Jacob Haan 2013
Dante Harrington 2015 Ryan Drechsler 2013
Colton Jessen 2015 Cody Birely 2014
Griffin Scott 2015 Grant Whitlow 2014
Marcus Harrington 2015 Dalton Neeley 2014
Elijah Porter 2015 Tyler Sinnott 2014
Josh Pestka 2015 Quentin Gard 2011
Steven Grolmus 2015 Dylan Michel 2011
Grant Graham 2015 Austin Miller 2011
Rodney Drechsler 2015 Bryce Sellers 2011
Tyler Tuttle 2006 Brandon Cawiezell 2012
David Cell 2006 Brandon Greve 2008
Matthew Duffy 2006 Marshall Miller 2008
Aaron Lacey 2005 Jordan Bennett 2008
Hans Krueger 1992 Dylan Zeimet 2009
Chad Hawker 1997 Josh Foust 2002
Zach Warm 1997 Kyle Krueger 1997

Alumni Game (and who has signed up)

Any male soccer player who graduated from North Scott High School :

You’ve been wanting to do this – reconnect with some buddies, and show everyone how it’s done.  :)

Join us for the first ever Alumni Game.  

July 16th, 1pm on the Lancer Pitch

We’re looking to get around 30 guys (15 per team).  This is open to all grads from 2015 and earlier.   (2016, you’ll get your chance next year).

Please let your team mates know – especially in the class ahead of you.   I don’t have a lot of contact info, so am depending on you to reach out.

Be sure to hit the submit button when done.   You’ll get an e-mail back confirming your interest.

Alumni Game

Alumni Game


Signed up as of June 20
Class Name
1992 Hans Krueger
1997 Zach Warm / Kyle Krueger / Chad Hawker
2002 Josh Foust
2005 Aaron Lacey
2006 David Cell / Matthew Duffy / Tyler Tuttle
2007 Carey Sodawasser
2008 Brandon Greve / Jordan Bennett / Marshall Miller
2009 Dylan Zeimet
2011 Austin Miller / Dylan Michel / Quentin Gard
2012 Brandon Cawiezell
2013 Ryan Drechsler / Jacob Haan / Alex Cole
2014 Cody Birely / Dalton Neeley / Grant Whitlow / Tyler Sinnott
2015 Alex Birely / Colton Jessen / Dante Harrington / Elijah Porter / Griffin Scott / Marcus Harrington / Steven Grolmus / Josh Pestka / Tanner Greve / Grant Graham

We are moving to First Touch!

E-mail and Twitter sometimes gets lost in all the noise.

To combat that, you should have received an invitation to First Touch in your e-mail.   If not, let me know.   This website will be updated far less frequently, and twitter announcements will drop as everything will be going through First Touch.

This app for your phone

  • Calendar and locations of every
    • game
    • practice
    • event
  • A way to message anyone – or any group of people you choose
    • text
    • picture
    • voice
  • Alerts (e.g. last minute practice or bus times)
  • Gallery
    • Your photos
    • Documents for players and such

So sign in, update your info (be sure to verify phone number).   Upload a picture and make it personal.

Spring Sport Parent Meeting

Feb 29th, 5:45pm  at the HS Aux Gym

This is an absolute must that you and your parent / guardians attend.

Please be sure and have this Team Support list filled out this weekend!

Team Support

Team Support

Player Information

Parent / Guardian Information

Support the Team

It takes all of to build a team. Please choose to help out as much as you comfortably can.


Your time and support are a vital part of this team. A committee member will get in touch with you.

Jungwirth Trivia Fundraiser

From Coach Ayers :

Parents and Players,
I’m asking you all for some support.  We have a past player named Micki Jungwirth whose mother is fighting cancer again.  She is a very special woman and they have a wonderful family.  I’m hoping the soccer community can help fill as many tables as we can.  If you can’t make the event maybe you can reach out and support them in another way. I’m sure donations or items to put up for the silent auctions or giveaways would be appreciated.  Please pass the word along and I hope to see many of you in attendance. Thanks again for all the support.


Booster cake auction

February 5th, 2016.

Basketball Games will begin at 4:15pm with the sophomore teams.

Varsity girls will play at 6pm with the Varsity boys taking the court around 7:45pm.

See these 2 attachments for cake entry donation information (important)

Silent Auction Letter 2016

NSAB Cake Auction Flier 2016

Very cool entry from the underclass with Groves and Brisker


And a bit shoutout to Coach Schneider for his entry!