Alumni Game Wrap Up

Thanks for making this game a pretty good day. Not too shabby for first time out. We’ll look to improve this every year to make it better, so bring your ideas ahead of time.

Before I forget, if you have any kind of interest in helping the next generation of North Scott soccer, let me know, and I can hook you up. Anything from little guys to High School.

Put on your calendar to go to on May 1st. I’ll look to get next year’s info out there about then.

Some ideas have already been submitted, let’s see what we can do, and what more we want. Remember, this needs to come from you. The more help you give, the more likely we can keep making this awesome

  • Run the game under the lights some night
  • Suggested night is Eldridge Days (Friday night)
  • Pick up shirts ahead of time so you can take it somewhere and get your name put on the back (so fans and other players know who you are)
  • Snacks, barbecue, something after the game

Thanks to the guys who donated some $$$ to help defray the cost of the shirts.

Again, thanks for making today happen!   Remember, this game is for YOU!

See you next year!

2016 Alumni Game

2016 Alumni Game

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