Alumni Game (and who has signed up)

Any male soccer player who graduated from North Scott High School :

You’ve been wanting to do this – reconnect with some buddies, and show everyone how it’s done.  :)

Join us for the first ever Alumni Game.  

July 16th, 1pm on the Lancer Pitch

We’re looking to get around 30 guys (15 per team).  This is open to all grads from 2015 and earlier.   (2016, you’ll get your chance next year).

Please let your team mates know – especially in the class ahead of you.   I don’t have a lot of contact info, so am depending on you to reach out.

Be sure to hit the submit button when done.   You’ll get an e-mail back confirming your interest.

Alumni Game

Alumni Game


Signed up as of June 20
Class Name
1992 Hans Krueger
1997 Zach Warm / Kyle Krueger / Chad Hawker
2002 Josh Foust
2005 Aaron Lacey
2006 David Cell / Matthew Duffy / Tyler Tuttle
2007 Carey Sodawasser
2008 Brandon Greve / Jordan Bennett / Marshall Miller
2009 Dylan Zeimet
2011 Austin Miller / Dylan Michel / Quentin Gard
2012 Brandon Cawiezell
2013 Ryan Drechsler / Jacob Haan / Alex Cole
2014 Cody Birely / Dalton Neeley / Grant Whitlow / Tyler Sinnott
2015 Alex Birely / Colton Jessen / Dante Harrington / Elijah Porter / Griffin Scott / Marcus Harrington / Steven Grolmus / Josh Pestka / Tanner Greve / Grant Graham

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