Booster Wrestling Help

Thanks to everyone who signed up!   Here are the assignments.   If you’re not on any list, or if you want extra credit, come help at ANY session.  Bring a friend or family member, you still get the credit. We can always use the extra help.

Saturday 3pm (fill out cards, study hall by weight room)

Kaleb B (2)   Sharron G
Aaron B Mom   Kaasa (2)

Parking will be tough on Sunday.   Get there 15 minutes early because it will be a hike!

Sunday 8AM

Phipps (6)   Kaasa (2)      Blaskovich (2)
Morgan (2)   Brisker (2)    Birely 
Guffey       Connor O       Caleb R
Keaton R.    Blake G        Dylan B
Luiz         Brianna        Lewis

Sunday 11AM

Noah (4)    Upmeyer (3)     Dallas
Tristan G   Isaac           Zach W.
Collin W.   Lundvall        Aaron B. Mom
Travis B    Branson S       Joey
Sam M.      Doty            Brown
Rivard      Gard

Player meeting and survey!

Our one player meeting before season starts is this Sunday, 4:30pm in the study hall next to the weight room.

Please fill out this survey by Friday.   It will take 5 minutes.

6PM Sunday starts the Open Gyms!   New format, and mandatory you wear shin guards and a sleeved white t-shirt (it’s ok if it has some writing / logos on it).


More service doing something fun!

Due to weather concerns, the Festival of Trees Parade has been cancelled.

Another opportunity to get your service in (and reduce your ball runner duties by 2-3 games!).   Bring some buddies and make this a fun event.   Plus, think of all the thousands of people who appreciate the balloons and parade.

Need to let Coach Heiting or Harrington know by Sunday evening.

Festival of Trees Needs Help

  • Friday, Nov 20th
    • Fill the balloons
    • Sandbag them so they don’t fly away
    • Meet at 5:30 at 2nd and Iowa St.  2-4 hours
    • Might get fed pizza and free ticket to Festival of Trees
  • Saturday, Nov 21
    • Carry the balloons
    • Minimum body weight is 100 pounds (don’t want you to fly away!)
    • Meet at 8AM, 2nd and Iowa
    • Figure on being done by 1pm


Free webinar for college bound players

The Recruiting Code is offering a webinar to go over the recruiting process.  The free webinar will be live on December 2 at 8:00pm Central time.

Please sign up here.  Once done, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail and a reminder sent to you the day before the webinar (along with a worksheet).

From their email :

What is in it for your players?

·      40 minutes of incredible information in one easily accessible format with an opportunity to ask questions at the end of our session.

·      An introduction to, a free website with new content appearing every week, including interviews with college coaches posted every Thursday.

·      This is not a recruiting service. There is nothing to sign up for. The information on the website is absolutely free.

Need your help on Oct 31st

One of our club teams for NSSC is hosting 3v3 tournament.    It’s well run and they have a good turnout.

But they depend on you to make it run well.   Each year we provide them HS players as referees.

Tournament is 8:30AM to 5PM on Saturday, Oct 31st at the Jr. High.   So far we have 16 signed up (well done!), but surely need 24.

Please let Coach Harrington know what times you can do this,  no later than Friday of this week.   More you can do the better, but even an hour or two is a huge help.

Benefits of doing this?

  • We’re paying it forward for future NSHS Lancers!
  • We are a service organization and help others.   Plenty of people help us, we are just paying it back
  • Free food!  (They will let you grab a meal and drink from the concession stand).
  • For the NSHS guys, reduced ball runner duties in the Spring.  :)

This is always more fun with a buddy, so sign up with a few buddies.

Definitely a great opportunity to discover who is committed to what our program is all about.   Thank you!

3 v 3 Monster Ball Rules

Great opportunity to get sharp and have fun!

Starting in January, you have the chance to get better almost any day.    Make what you can, the more you’re there, the better you’ll be.

Taught by a top coach, you have

  • Touch Drill Mondays
  • Touch Drill Tuesdays
  • Speed / Agility Wednesdays
  • Futsal Tournament Fridays
  • Futsal League Saturdays
  • Open Play Sundays